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Operable 2.1 Keyboard Accessible

Make all functionality available from a keyboard.


  • All tabbable elements have a visible focus state.
  • Users can open and close modals and popups without the use of a mouse or touchpad.
  • Interactive components on the page use the button element (no divs).
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Success Criteria

Depending on which level of compliance your website needs, the following criteria needs to be met.
Criterion Level Description
2.1.1 A All content must be accessible using a keyboard as the only input method.
2.1.2 A A user must be able to navigate away from a component using a keyboard only.
2.1.3 AAA All content is operable without requiring specific timings of keystrokes.
2.1.4 A If a keyboard shortcut is implemented using a single character, then users must be able to turn off the shortcut, remap the shortcut, or only activate the shortcut when the component receives focus.
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