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Understandable 3.3 Input Assistance

Help users avoid and correct mistakes.


  • Provide labels for all inputs and examples (placeholders) if data needs to be formatted a certain way.
  • When a form input is filled out incorrectly, provide instructions on how to fix the error either above or below the input.
  • Give success/error messages when a form is submitted.
  • Give users a second chance to confirm or cancel an action, especially when that action is irreversible.
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Success Criteria

Depending on which level of compliance your website needs, the following criteria needs to be met.
Criterion Level Description
3.3.1 A All input errors are presented to the user in text.
3.3.2 A Use labels or instructions whenever input from the user is required.
3.3.3 AA Give suggestions on how to correct errors that are automatically detected and the cause is known.
3.3.4 AA Any modifiable data can be reversed, checked, or confirmed (for legal or financial data).
3.3.5 AAA Provide additional instructions or information for context-sensitive inputs when the label doesn't provide enough context.
3.3.6 AAA User submitted content can be reversed, checked, or confirmed.
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