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Perceivable 1.3 Adaptable

Create content that can be presented in different ways (for example simpler layout) without losing information or structure.


  • Use heading tags to establish the hierarchy of the content.
  • A website can be viewed in Safari Reader mode without any content losing context.
  • Users are not locked into a specific view, they can rotate their device between landscape and portrait.
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Success Criteria

Depending on which level of compliance your website needs, the following criteria needs to be met.
Criterion Level Description
1.3.1 A All information and structure is available in text or can be programmatically determined.
1.3.2 A Content is presented in a meaningful order.
1.3.3 A Understanding the context of content does not depend on sensory input such as color, sound, or visual orientation.
1.3.4 AA Content does not require a specific orientation or view.
1.3.5 AA The purpose of each input field is identified with a label and/or text description.
1.3.6 AAA The purpose of custom interface components can be programmatically determined.
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