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Operable 2.2 Enough Time

All website users need to be given enough time to read and use the content on the page. This guideline affects video and audio-based media, GIFs, carousels as well as user sessions that may time out.


  • Give a warning message before a user is going to be logged out due to inactivity.
  • Give the option to add more time when performing time sensitive actions.
  • Add pause/stop controls to a carousel that auto plays.
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Success Criteria

Depending on which level of compliance your website needs, the following criteria needs to be met.
Criterion Level Description
2.2.1 A Any time limits for content can be turned off or extended if possible.
2.2.2 A Any time-based media that lasts more than 5 seconds has play, pause, and stop controls.
2.2.3 AAA Timing is not an essential part of the content and user experience.
2.2.4 AAA Interruptions can be postponed or suppressed by the user.
2.2.5 AAA If an authenticated session expires, there is no data lost after the user re-authenticates.
2.2.6 AAA Users are warned of any data lost if a session authentication expires.
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