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Understandable 3.1 Readable

Make text content readable and understandable.


  • Avoid technical jargon whenever possible.
  • Use an abbr tag to explain abbreviations and acronyms (<abbr title=”abbreviation”>abbr</abbr>).
  • Set the lang attribute on the html tag (<html lang=”en”>).
  • Set the lang attribute for any words that are in a different language from the one set on the html tag (<span lang=”fr”>c'est la vie</span>).
Read the WCAG 3.1 Specification

Success Criteria

Depending on which level of compliance your website needs, the following criteria needs to be met.
Criterion Level Description
3.1.1 A The html element programmatically sets the language for the page.
3.1.2 AA Content on the page that is written in a different language is programmatically identified.
3.1.3 AAA Unusual words or jargon are defined.
3.1.4 AAA Abbreviations and acronyms are programmatically defined.
3.1.5 AAA Text that requires an advanced reading level has supplemental text available.
3.1.6 AAA The pronunciation of specific words is available for text that relies on pronunciation to determine context.
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